Welcome to The Sandra Rathe Team. We truly hope that your internship experience will be rewarding and worthwhile.

One of our most rewarding parts of our business is working with our interns.  We love bringing in top talent to teach them about business, real estate, marketing or finance/accounting. But even more so, we love learning from the interns as they come with a fresh perspective and they challenge us to raise our game on a daily basis. Throughout the internship, we will help you develop multiple new skills and gain valuable experience that will help you in getting your long term career.  For our great interns, we are a resource for life, not just during the internship.  Our huge network of clients and friends can prove to be priceless for interns.  We look forward to hearing from you!

While going to school at Florida Atlantic University, my college advisor let me know I needed and internship credit to be able to graduate. I was only 20 years old and had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. While looking at dozens of ads online for college internships, when I scrolled past Sandra’s add for the team, I immediately was interested! Sandra was looking for a hard working, outgoing person, who is detail oriented, this sounded like the perfect fit for me! I reached out to Sandra and after a great conversation I joined the team as an intern! During my internship, I not only found my passion for Real Estate as the career I now wanted to pursue, but I also fell in love with the team! During my internship I had the opportunity to meet all of the agents on the team, and work side by side with them during open houses, and day to day office tasks. I learned so much from each agent and learned about the culture Sandra has created for the team. I saw that each agent genuinely was excited to come to work everyday and loved what they did. A big credit to that is team culture. Everyone on the team helps each other, lifts each other up, and works hard not only for their own personal goal but to ensure everyone reaches their goals as well, it is truly a team effort.  Right after my internship ended I did not want to leave. I worked hard and got my Real Estate license while still being a full time student. I then reached out to Sandra again, and she was so happy I had passed the exam, she invited me to join the team as an agent! During my Senior year in college, I started selling! It was a lot to juggle through, school, a social life with my sorority and working hard to sell houses, but the team had my back! Upon graduation, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to continue on with the team and sell full time. Today, I have been graduated for a full year, have many sales under my hat, helped many amazing families, and have even sold LUXURY homes, at 23 years old! For anyone looking for a college internship I can not recommend our team enough, it truly has changed my life in so many amazing ways and this is just the beginning!

– Katie M.

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